PSVR2 will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show in September

Participants will have the chance to step inside the Dimitrescu Castle.

PlayStation has revealed that people will be able to get their first hands-on experience with PlayStation VR2 at the Tokyo Game Show next month. Participants will have the opportunity to play Resident Evil Village in virtual reality by visiting the Capcom booth, and they will also receive a little something extra.

The revelation that PSVR2 will be showcased and available for public use for the very first time comes from a report by the PR time (Thanks, Push Square). Players who take the new headset for a spin have been promised “ultimate immersion” as they will have the chance to enter part of Dimitrescu Castle. Yes, that means you’ll likely stumble across the Lady of said castle in VR at TGS.


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As PlayStation pointed out via its Japanese Twitter account, this will be the very first time gamers will have the chance to see what PSVR2 is all about. As if being among the very first to use PlayStation’s next-gen VR gear wasn’t enough, those who visit the Capcom booth and try out Village in VR will also receive a clear set of files adorned with elements from Village and the upcoming Remake. from Resident Evil 4.

Village and RE4 will hopefully be among a number of games available for the PSVR2 when it launches in early 2023. PlayStation hopes there will be at least 20 titles available when the new headset arrives, with a new installment in the Horizon series, Call Of La Montagne has confirmed to be among them. Since playable PSVR2s are now confirmed at TGS, there’s an outside chance that other stands will have playable VR demos, and perhaps Call Of The Mountain will make an appearance as well.

Even though PlayStation has been discussing PSVR2 for a while and revealing previews here and there, an independent studio has taken the plunge and revealed the very first preview of it in the wild two months ago. If you want to be among the first to own and use PlayStation’s new VR setup, you’ll need to be at the Tokyo Game Show which runs from September 15-18.

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