Raiders Passing Game Review vs. Browns

After that, however, Carr and the Raiders’ offense cooled considerably. Simply, the offensive played terribly in the second half. The interception, however, was almost entirely his fault. Try to hit Zay jones on a post route in the middle of the peloton, Carr sailed it a bit too much and landed directly in the arms of Greedy Williams. Although Carr made the right decision based on the coverage, it was a really bad pitch that could easily have cost them the game at the end of the fourth quarter. Either way, it’s encouraging to see him aggressive despite the lack of talent the Raiders currently have on the outside.

In this one, he also passed 4000 yards. This is the fourth year in a row that he has done so and he has already achieved the best mark of his career. His season totals are 4,162 yards, 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He was also credited with his 28th career comeback in the fourth quarter.

Lack of options at WR

Since the loss of Henry Ruggs III, the Raiders’ lack of talent as a wide receiver is evident. Outside of Hunter Renfrow, the group is no good. While Bryan Edwards had the touchdown in it, he also had a fumble which, although recovered by Las Vegas, cost the team the field position. He also had a drop to start the second half. He managed to make three catches in just eight yards during the day.

Jones has been just as appalling since being asked to step up in Ruggs’ absence. Although he led the Raiders in receiving yards in that game with 67, he brutally misjudged a deep ball from Carr, a theme with him on the season. He’s just not a large NFL starter. DeSean Jackson is no exception either. Although he had a big eleven-yard catch in the first quarter, he did nothing else and also committed a brutal fall in the third quarter.

Reinforcements en route

The Raiders were once again without tight end star Darren Waller in this one. The good news is, he should be back on Sunday against the Denver Broncos in Las Vegas. While he won’t solve all attacking problems, he’s the best player on the team and Carr needs a guy he can trust who doesn’t wear the “13”. Waller, who hasn’t played since Thanksgiving, is expected to increase the passing game significantly.

Against the Browns, the offensive Raiders did enough to secure the victory. However, with some massive games to come, they’re going to have to be a lot better. Sadly, aside from Waller’s return, not much will change for Vegas. The passing game will be built around Waller and Renfrow while the limit receivers will struggle to gain ground. The Raiders can still make the playoffs, and it will be up to Carr and this group to keep them afloat.