‘Resident Evil’ On Netflix Is Getting Backlash From Fans Of The Video Game Series

by Netflix resident Evil the adaptation fails to win the love of fans of the video game series on which it is based. Although the new horror-action series has risen to the top of the streaming charts, even dethroning stranger things as the #1 TV series on the platform, it is criticized by Capcom game fans.

Arrival on the quay on Thursday July 14, resident Evil, a Netflix Original, spans two different timelines. The first timeline is set in the year 2022 and follows 14-year-old fraternal twins Billie and Jade, children of Dr. Albert Wesker, as they relocate to the Umbrella Corporation’s planned community of New Raccoon City. It is there that they learn about Umbrella’s dark legacy, while their father coordinates a response to the appearance of a retroviral bioweapon called the T-virus. Set in 2036, the “current” timeline is set years after the T-virus epidemic, which reduced human civilization to 300 million refugees surrounded by the six billion “zeros” who contracted the disease.

The series had been widely anticipated before its premiere, and while it’s been quite successful on the platform, it finally seems to be falling flat. With a critic score of 51% and an audience score of 25% on rotten tomatoes, resident Evil is set apart by fans of the game franchise. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying.

Dubbed “boring, unnecessary” by some viewers

resident Evil on Netflix is ​​perhaps the most boring and pointless garbage I’ve seen all year, with absolutely nothing in common with its source material”, tweeted a spectator. “It’s so bad that Milla Jovovich’s movies look like absolute works of art by comparison.”

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Some left confused and in disbelief

“It’s like they took an entirely different scenario and called it resident Evil. Teen drama with zombies? Wesker is dad? Incredibly terrible dialogue? wrote another spectator. “It makes Welcome To Raccoon City a real good resident Evil adaptation. I mean what the f-…”

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Suspicious zombie activity

“Everything works out pretty well for Jade hahaha It’s so funny,” one person replied to the tweet above. “The Lickers do a surprise attack on everyone but her. B4 attacks her, first he wants to say hello to her, go to second base with her and then try to kill her, so that’s perfect for his flight.”

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“I don’t know anything about resident Evil games but i don’t think so zootopia the porn was in them”, added someone else.

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Lance Reddick

“I feel bad for Lance Reddick man”, one person tweeted. “He’s a great actor and he obviously does his best, but to be cast as Wesker in a Netflix adaptation of resident Evil is set up to fail.”

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“I would feel embarrassed if I was at capcom right now,” wrote another person. “You allowed people to slaughter your IP 8 times with these live adaptations. What’s even more embarrassing is that the sound films succeeded twice than the 8 attempts with the RE movies…wow.”

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