Review of the video game “Elden Ring”

FromSoftware Inc.’s video game development company Ring of Elden is something really special.

With around 90 hours of gameplay to travel and fight in the Lands Between, it feels like there’s still so much to explore in the game. With such a vast open world, “Elden Ring” embraces the smart approach to being influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s exploration style and story structure.

With written contributions from A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series writer, George RR Martin, the story puts you in the role of a “tarni” crossing the middle lands. The main objective: Defeat those demigods who possess what are called the Great Runes, unite fragments creating the Elden Ring and become Lord Elden.

The plot has a simple premise, and these bosses are in separate parts of the world, but the incentive to deviate from the main course is where the game does its magic. As the player travels the world, they encounter a vast territory that is only comparable to looking at a painting, as each area is so intricately detailed and brimming with wonder. There’s always something to find in Ring of Eldenwhether it’s a hidden dungeon, a new side quest, or an entirely different location not on the initial map coupled with a variety of differently designed bosses.

It is common to discuss the intense difficulty which is a hallmark of FromSoftware games. Say that Ring of Elden and other soulsborne titles don’t hold your hand is an understatement. Bosses can be unforgiving at times no matter how many levels you do and can make even the most laid back and relaxed player scream at their screen. As it’s the company’s seventh installment in the genre and uses a combat system they’re synonymous with, it’s easy to know what to expect when you load up on this game.

The combat system, while used by the company over the years in other games, has improved to its best version in Ring of Elden. There are a plethora of weapons that have special handling as well as the ability to use magic to develop your character build or experiment with different strengths in other parts. The combat progression in the game is done so well due to the inclusion of player skills. As the player levels up, the player improves their moves such as dodging, parrying, and attacking strategy as battles become more difficult.

Ring of Elden is a video game that must be experienced. There are games that came out a long time ago that are still being talked about for their impact and influence on the gaming industry and FromSoftware’s magnum opus will be just that in the years to come.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars