Rogue Legacy 2 game review: A rich and rewarding Roguelite RPG

C/O Rogue Legacy 2

In 2013, the beloved 2D Rogue Legacy was released to mixed reactions from the community. Some found it too punishing with its short lifespan and fast escalating difficulty while others found the addition of meta progression was enough to compensate for this.

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Rogue Legacy vs. Rogue Legacy 2

The original Rogue Legacy had four biomes that were essentially reskins of the same room layouts. Some were a mix of horizontal and vertical pieces while others were just a set of pieces. After each death, the player can choose a new character class to use which would play mostly the same except for the starting stat blocks. The castle-based leveling system was limited and didn’t offer much variety.

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Rogue Legacy 2 brought quite a few improvements to the Rogue Legacy formula starting with the fact that it was upgraded to 2.5D. For starters, each character the player can choose from at the start of each game uses a completely different set of abilities that make each class play differently and have strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered.

rogue legacy 2 heroes

C/O Rogue Legacy 2

What’s new in Rogue Legacy 2?

The number of items to find and unlock has more than doubled, while the meta progression has expanded to building a castle, as the lore of how you get that progression is a good one.

Each of the six new biomes offers differences ranging from enemies located in that biome to environmental hazards that make platforming quite challenging as the game progresses. Most biomes require a special item that will unlock the platforming ability required for that biome. These items must be obtained by completing a rather difficult challenge.

Runes have also been added as a form of item-based progression that you need Red Ether and Gold to purchase. Relics can also be obtained by completing challenges throughout each run. The excessive pace of the game has been improved by allowing the difficulty to scale more slowly with each