Sherwood Ford GIANT Playoff Pre Game Show – Game 2 – Oilers vs Kings – OILERSNATION

Well, tonight isn’t technically a must-watch game for the Edmonton Oilers, but it’s pretty darn close. The team gave up the series opener to the Kings now they will look to avoid going into a bad 0-2 hole in Game 2 of the series. Game 1 was frustrating from the Oilers’ perspective because they really didn’t play close to their best hockey and yet they were one mistake away from at least taking that game to overtime. But shutting down isn’t enough in the playoffs and a loss is a loss. It doesn’t matter if it’s by one or ten goals. Still, I think Oilers fans should be confident that if the Oilers bring their “A” game tonight, the team will have a good shot at finishing this streak before heading to Los Angeles. Me, Caroline and Jay explained it all during the Sherwood Ford GIANT Playoff Pre Game Show which came to you LIVE from Beercade on Whyte Ave! An iconic location for an Oilers playoff pre-game show!

As always, we got the lineup report and more in the show. Jay and I also shared our confidence levels betting on the Oilers to win today! All this and more in the Sherwood Ford GIANT Playoff Pre Game Show! You can watch it right below here or by heading to The Nation Network on YouTube! Do not forget to subscribe !