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Today we review the upcoming Play-to-Earn, horse racing game, Bristle!

Silks game review: a few words about the game

Silks is the first-ever derivative play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse. Silks is based on the Ethereum mainnet with layer 2 solutions and is being developed by tropical racea public company that operates 200-acre horse farms that breed, syndicate and race horses.

A game where everything is cloned and tokenized, and the horse’s real-time performance is tracked by unique NFT tokens. Silks is a game for horse racing and game to win lovers.

Ways players are rewarded with Silks:

  • Race horses.
  • Stake horses.
  • Purebred horses.
  • Mining.
  • Contribute to the ecosystem.

Based on the economics of American thoroughbred horse racing

The gameplay of Silks is mainly based on the real economy of thoroughbred horse racing.

For example, each year 20,000 colts are registered as thoroughbred racehorses in the United States, and many of them are sold at auction between August and October when they reach one year of age.

These things are worth mentioning because Silks will have many of these facts baked into its gameplay and ecosystem. All information on the American thoroughbred horse racing economy is here.

Silks Gameplay and NFTs

As a game of gambling to win, it makes sense to say that NFTs are an important part of the ecosystem and are bound by a strong bond. These NFTs are:

Silk horses and all about them

Silks Horses are the NFTs that players use to race and earn rewards. Horses can also be traded, sold and bought on the market.

Each being the digital derivative of one of the top yearling thoroughbred racehorses registered in the United States, Every track performance and real-world workout progress will be tracked and give a token reward to the owner.

When a real version of a horse needs to race, the blockchain notify its owner to watch him run. Upon winning, the owner will receive a percentage of a token reward.

  • How to get your hands on a horse? Users will be able to get their hands on an NFT horse by owning a NFT racing silks (avatar), which we will discuss in a moment. The horse mint is set to take place in mid-2022, representing all 20,000 yearlings born in 2021. The sale will be held with a traditional blind NFT sale, meaning players won’t see what they’re buying. directly but later in the wallet.

  • How does breeding work? Well, it’s very simple. If a horse is successful in racing, it may be retired at some point to become a broodmare or a stallion. When these horses breed, the blockchain recognizes the owner and rewards them with a distribution of $SST equal to a % of the sale price on foal (one-year-old horse) was purchased.

  • Horse staking mechanism: As in the real world, the horses of Silks need money for food, training and housing. So stake it in a third Bristle Stable, which is optional, gives the owner a % of the horse’s overall rewards. It also provides the opportunity for private stable owners to get a % of all revenue from horses wagered.

Silk Stables

As mentioned above, Stable Silks are NFTs needed to support the ecosystem by feeding, caring for, and most importantly, housing other Silks horses.

The minimum size of an existing stable is 10 acres of land, which means that if someone wishes to build one, they will be required to assemble ten NFT lots that are contiguous to each other. This minimal sized stable can house up to ten horses, with a maximum potential of 100 acres of stable land.

land of silk

The Silks metaverse will be built on 202,500 acres of land. Each plot of land will have a 450×450 acre grid and will be represented by horizontal and vertical coordinates indicating the uniqueness of each plot of land.

Land will be needed to build stables!

Racing silks Avatar

Racing Silks represents and rides the Silks Horses. You can identify each horse by its rider as the racing silks are colored and each one is unique.

Racing silks are required to earn $SST rewards!

Tokenomics of bristles

Silks has a dual token economy, $SLK and $STT:

  • The Silks Dao Token ($SLK): $SLK is the main governance token of the Silks ecosystem. The $SLK token will be backed by a cash wallet containing cash and stable digital financial instruments to secure the DAO.

$SLK has a total supply of 500M.

  • The Silks Transaction Token ($STT): $STT will be the secondary and play-to-earn token used for in-game transactions and rewards. The $STT token will also be backed by a cash wallet containing cash and stable digital financial instruments to secure the DAO.

$STT has a total supply of 5B.

Final Thoughts on Silks

The fact that the game retrieves real data from American Thoroughbred horses and foals is impressive. It’s a unique idea, and it could work nicely. Until then, take care and thanks for reading the Silks game review!

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