Sri Lanka launches international game show

COLOMBO (News 1st); Popular channel Sirasa TV launched the international franchise game show “THE 5 MILLION MONEY DROP” today at Stein Studios.

Two candidates, 7 questions and 5 million at stake. The “5 million money drop” is a game show that makes duos of millionaires. This game show aired on Fox TV in the United States and Canada. It is based on the British flagship series “The Million Pound drop”.

This award-winning game show is now televised in over 50 different countries, having aired over 2500 episodes internationally.

Its accolades include recognition at the British Academy Film Awards for its spectacular digital creativity and the title of “Best Entertainment Programme” at other award ceremonies.

How is the game played?

1. There are 2 candidates: the couple presented is a team of two people with an existing/pre-existing relationship.

2. They are given 5 million LKR and have to face a total of seven multiple choice questions based on general knowledge.

3. For each question, participants have a limited time to choose the correct answer and bet their money on it.

4. They do this by placing their money on the answer(s) chosen.

5. Each answer option corresponds to a different trap or “drop”.

6. Any money wagered on an incorrect answer is lost as it goes through this “money drop”

7. Participants can also bet the money on multiple answers to avoid risking everything.

8. But any money placed on an incorrect answer is lost and “falls” through the trap door.

9. Contestants can keep any money left over after all seven questions have been played.

Sirasa TV has always been committed to bringing its viewers the best in entertainment, TV shows / TV movies and news. We were the first channel in Sri Lanka to introduce the concept of world-class reality and game shows. Partnering with international franchises such as ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and ‘The Voice’ has resulted in the popular local versions ‘Sirasa Lakshapathi’ and ‘The Voice Sri Lanka’.

These have now become more than just popular TV shows and have transcended hope and opportunity for the amazing Sri Lankan talent out there. “The Voice Teen” and “Sri Lanka’s Got Talent” are franchises that have become an aspiration for the younger generation, providing a path for those who dare to dream.

Sirasa TV’s next step in revolutionizing modern TV trends is to present this gripping game show that will leave not only contestants but also audiences looking forward to the very last second. The powerful combination of one of Sri Lanka’s strongest media networks with one of the most successful game shows in the world will create a wave of excitement across the country.

This program will award the sum of 5 million rupees per episode to each candidate couple and will continue for fifty episodes, allocating around a quarter of a billion dollars in prizes to those who win. This life-changing game show is guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats and test the nerves and wits of those who play.

“The MTV Media Network has always invested in world-class entertainment. The Voice, Who Wants to be a Millionaire are good examples. And this year, we’re changing that with a franchised game show,” noted Chevaan Daniel, group director of the MTV network.

Once again Sirasa TV is well on its way to leaving its viewers in awe, living up to its name as “The People’s Channel” time and time again.

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