Stephen Curry and Wife Ayesha Score as Game Show Hosts in ‘About Last Night’

‘About last night’
Anyone who remembers the “Tattletales” daytime series from the 1970s will recognize the basic premise of this game show in which celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Terry Crews and Tig Notaro see how much they really know their love partners. NBA superstar Stephen Curry is one of the hosts, but he spends most of each episode mixing drinks, leaving the heavy lifting to his wife, Ayesha. Smart move. She has a knack for asking super intimate questions without getting a martini thrown in her face. Thursday, HBO Max

“The Home Team”
Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company, has a reputation for producing sophomore scatological comedies. But sometimes it delivers a healthy winner like this. Kevin James is very cuddly as former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, who is reuniting with his teenage son after he was suspended by the NFL for his role in the Bountygate scandal. But it’s James’ brother, Gary Valentine, who gets the most laughs, playing an awkward high school coach who has more than a little in common with Paul Blart. netflix
New Jersey

‘I want you to come back’
Think “Strangers on a Train” but as a bittersweet romantic comedy. Jenny Slate and Charlie Day are new, recently dumped friends who agree to break up each other’s ex’s new relationship. The idea is that they get back together with the exes. But that’s not quite how it works in a rom-com set to follow the talented Slate’s lead in making things weirder, funnier, and more complicated than they seem. (Bonus: Slate has a great voice and we hear him sing “Suddenly Seymour” from “Little Shop of Horrors.”) Amazon Prime

“The Girl From Before”
If you prefer horror movies that tickle your brain over your heartbeat, you’ll want to check out this limited series about an eccentric architect (David Oyelowo) and the relationships he has with the tenants of his house. scary house. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is compelling as a woman who doesn’t know if her new owner is the love of her life or a ruthless murderer. Thursday, HBO Max
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“The Last Duel”
Ridley Scott’s medieval drama performs better on the small screen than in theaters, where the middle section was as poky as a knight in full armour. The fast-forward button is your friend, but don’t skip the film’s finale, which is split into three parts, each telling the story of an assault from a different perspective: the man whose wife was assaulted ( Matt Damon), the alleged attacker (Adam Driver) and the victim (Jodie Comer). Comer and Ben Affleck (as the vile nobleman) are terrific in a drama that happens in a really interesting place. HBO Max