Street Fighter 6 at Tokyo Game Show 2022

The Tokyo Game Show, also known as TGS, has come and gone. This year we received various exciting announcements and updates from different developers. Capcom has brought more exciting news about Street Fighter 6 at the event. In fact, fans were surprised at the sheer volume of information and insight ahead of its 2023 launch. Join me for this breakdown below.

Official launch list

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A long list of characters and concept art for Street Fighter 6 was leaked shortly after its debut in the game last summer. Fans were quick to theorize the validity of the leak and the size of the starting roster. However, this new trailer confirms the starting roster.

Capcom has introduced a new opening cinematic for the World Tour mode. Here, the narrator excites the player as eighteen different characters are introduced. The cutscene features Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Juri, Kimberly, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Cammy, Luke, Jaime, Manon, JP, Dee Jay, Guile, Zangief, Ken, Blanka, and Marisa.

Take to the streets in Street Fighter 6

Next, the world tour trailer reveals characters and more. Luke serves as a coach and guide for street fighter 6 country. There, players will follow the story with a unique character created. The trailer showcased different ways your character can look like. Additionally, they are able to learn iconic moves from other fighters like Tatsumaki.

Meanwhile, iconic fighters have made their gameplay debut. Ken, Dhalism, Blanka and E. Honda took the stage at the Capcom TGS showcase. Ken was the featured fighter gaining an extra block of gameplay. He sports a new look in this title as well as new moves. His tough new look is a reflection of his in-game history. Ken’s character profile on the official website reads as follows:

Former US National Fighting Champion and former Vice President of the Masters Foundation. Accusations of orchestrating a criminal conspiracy forced Ken to abandon his family and business and go into hiding.

Ken and these characters have amazing new designs. Street Fighter 6 continued to visually impress me and the fans. Additionally, the character creator is robust. In fact, it may be the most in-depth system of any Capcom title. Speaking of systems, Practice Mode is expected to offer some key new features at launch.

Training to your needs

Training mode is always a key feature to develop skills in fighting games. street fighter 6 aims to make it an even more personalized experience. Capcom primarily plans to give characters tools to practice specific match scenarios.

Players will be able to enter command strings for the CPU depending on the situation. For example, the reversal settings allow you to practice against various options that an opponent might throw upon awakening. The system allows up to five mapped inputs for the CPU to successively release. This allows for attempts in rapid succession and hopefully improves your reaction time.

Finally, Capcom is implementing a display counter for all motion frame data. This bar details the frames of each move, including things like invincibility period, recovery time, meter status, and more.

This tool is amazing and the first iteration of any fighting game that I know of. This information is important for players to understand when improving their skills and is invaluable in high levels of competitive play. Now it’s more accessible than ever to players of all skill levels.

Street Fighter 6 beta and beyond

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is running a closed beta from October 7-10. Players can apply online through the official website website. Undoubtedly, an open beta will be available for everyone closer to the game’s release in 2023. An official release date has yet to be given. However, everything shown so far displays Street Fighter 6 as a next-gen premium experience for fighting game enthusiasts. For my part, I look forward to joining the community as we take to the streets.

You can find all the special showcase of TGS here. Are you excited about Street Fighter 6? What was your favorite ad from the Tokyo Game Show? Let us know in the comments below. For all things fighting games, bend the knee to the realm of Lords of Gaming.