Tabletop Game Review: Maztermind Two In One Set

With all the advancements that board games have made over the past few decades, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the classics. These are the games that may not be as aesthetically pleasing or have as much depth as modern games, but still paved the way for what we have today. More importantly, they are often more accessible, as they can be found in most households and the rules are more universally known. These classics may still have many followers, so why not make them as timeless as they are?

Maztermind is a Vietnamese brand that develops and produces board games. While Maztermind offers new and modern tabletop experiences, one might find that the main draw is the handcrafted classics. Tabletop enthusiasts can find games like Ludo and Dominos in Maztermind’s catalog, each with beautifully crafted boards and pieces. Today we are going to take a look at the Two in One set from Maztermind.

Arts and crafts

Upon opening the simple and elegant box, players will be greeted by a beautiful chess board. As the name suggests, it is a double-sided chess board that includes two chess variants. One side has the classic chess, which most Westerners are familiar with, while the other features Chinese chess. The board itself is made from walnut wood. The pieces are beautiful looking brass with pressed leather on the sides. Each piece is double-sided, with a matching piece for each game on each side. While enthusiasts would probably prefer their chess pieces to be the same shape as the pieces, this is probably the more practical approach as it minimizes the pieces for both games.

The board and each piece seem to be well-designed, and unlike the leather domino set, we’re not as concerned about their lifespan. The pieces look sleek considering they are the size of tokens and constructed in such a way that it is hard to see them being damaged by standard play. When you consider this is a chess set that costs over $200, it makes sense to want to guarantee that it will hold up for decades. It doesn’t look like that will be a problem.


Although it is inevitably used only as decoration or conversation piece, chess remains a game. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at the quality of the game of chess for actual play at the table. .

Although the chess pieces are unshaped, they are still clearly marked to make them easy to identify. Players who have played any form of electronic chess online will know what to expect from these pieces. The markings juxtapose well with the color of the parts, making them even easier to spot. Most Western players will be unfamiliar with Chinese chess, and the pieces are so clear that it will make them accessible to those who want to learn. The top and pieces are compact, making it a flexible set that can fit on most tables with no problem.

Like the leather dominoes set, these pieces are not particularly heavy. They have a bit of heft thanks to the combination of wood and metal, so there’s just enough to make the moving parts satisfying. Otherwise, this chess set is as practical as any.


This set is fantastic for chess lovers who just want to show off a bit. It looks great in any home, whether on a shelf or on the table. Of course, there are cheaper sets, and if players want to focus solely on Chess or Chinese Chess, both boards are also available with more focused designs on Maztermind’s store. Still, this flexible statement piece is perfect for aficionados.