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The dream of being a contestant on a game show

Links to the breadcrumb Opinion Column Carl Hnatyshyn Content of the article It’s always interesting to look back on what you imagined your career path to be when you were younger. Advertisement 2 This ad has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. Content of the article At the age of five, like many […]

Africa Magic launches its new game show, Come Play Naija

Africa Magic, a leading provider of entertainment content for Africa by Africans, has announced the launch of a new game show, Come Play Naija. The show will air on Thursday, March 3 from 9 p.m. on the Africa Magic Showcase, Urban and Family channels, and will be available to customers on DStv and GOtv. Come […]

Game Show Boom | Saturday night post

Weekly newsletter The best of Saturday night post in your inbox! The topic is game shows. I have three questions for you (answers below): 1. Which bombed so hard it was canceled after just one episode? 2. Who has hosted a show for the longest time? Subscribe and get unlimited access to our online magazine […]

Wordle Called As Lingo Game Show Scam

This week’s groundbreaking announcement that The New York Times Company has purchased Wordle – the hit online game in which once-a-day players have six chances to guess a five-letter word – has reignited fan annoyance of word games that were already IRATE to the fact that Wordle is essentially the same game played on “Lingo” […]

Merle Glickman, doll collector, game show contestant, dies at 78

Visitors to Merle Glickman’s house might have felt like they were being watched – by dolls. “Our house has practically been taken over by dolls,” her daughter Elyse said. “It kind of became a warehouse.” From cute Cabbage Patch squishy dolls to antique porcelain mannequins, Ms. Glickman has appraised, repaired, bought, sold and collected dolls […]