Taipei Game Show Second year back to successful met live event, robots used to fight Corona virus

It looks like some normality is returning to the gaming world – at least at this year’s Taipei Game Show, as it’s back for a second year of public events despite the ongoing pandemic. To ensure the safety of all visitors and partners, even the organizers continue to apply a strict mask policy, as well as using real robots to help with automatic disinfestation.

Amid some notable events from titles like Genshin Impact, PUBG, and recently their Indie Game Awards, the Taipei Game Show seems to have got off to a good start. Although the event was a mix of live and public, many feared that the event would be a breeding ground for the ongoing COVID-19 and all its new variants. While the full outcome remains to be seen, it goes without saying that the planning committee behind the event did everything they could to prevent the spread, so much so that this year’s show was greeted with new attraction – i.e. the robots running around the floor, disinfecting everything.

Unprecedented, the entrances to the showroom were guarded by spray disinfection robots, completing standard pandemic procedures, followed by full scan of the entire showroom by medical-grade UV disinfection robots after the show closesD alldaytime.

On the first day of TGS, eager visitors all followed anti-pandemic procedures as they entered the exhibition hall in an orderly fashion. The disinfection robots even became an attraction as many visitors took pictures with the robots as they lined up to be admitted.

An image of Taipei Computer Association President Paul Peng is below, along with these disinfection robots.

I have to say it’s pretty cool! Hopefully they are effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and that we can get more gaming conventions back to physical shows like before.