The ‘Alan Wake’ game series picked up by AMC Networks for a TV series; In Development As ‘Alan Wake’ 2 Gets Release Date

The 'Alan Wake' game series picked up by AMC Networks for a TV series;  In Development As 'Alan Wake' 2 Gets Release Date

Fans of horror games and video game adaptations to shows have plenty to be excited about. the Alan Wake series, which has been in production since 2018, is set to release closely coinciding with the release of the Alan Wake 2 game in 2023, according to the remedy games newsletter and a Press release from Conflicting movies and Remedy Entertainment. Also, a recent announcement was made regarding the remastering of the original Alan Wake game for the Nintendo Switch, marking the 12th anniversary of the original game’s release.

Alan Wake is an action-adventure game that contains horror thriller elements. With the game itself being structured in six-story segments, it’s not hard to see how a TV adaptation came about, especially given the twist and cliffhanger-heavy story.

Alan Wake tells the story of well-received thriller novelist Alan Wake as he investigates the mystery behind the disappearance of his wife while vacationing in the fictional and scenic town of Bright Falls, Washington. To his surprise, however, he finds that many of the events detailed in the plot of his last novel come to life, though he does not even remember writing about them.

The show’s production team had the following to say in the remedy games newsletter regarding their plans to develop the series for streaming: “We’ve been trying to find the right team to bring our vision for the Alan Wake TV show to life for a while[,] We want to help create something that will accurately show the world of Alan Wake and appeal to newcomers to the franchise as well as die-hard fans.

A premiere date for the show has yet to be set. More information on the evolution of the Alan Wake franchise can be found in the anniversary update video below: