The Craziest Game Show Moments

Why would someone cheat on a TV show???????????


This Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant would read the responses aloud, then his wife cough when he read the right choice. They were caught, had to return the money and were fined.


On The gong showthe “Popsicle twins” went out for a weirdo popsicle sketchwhich was suggestive AF for the 70s.


This guy, Rodney Alcala, won The dating game. Turns out he was a serial killer.


And when Trebek called this contestant a “loser” after saying she loves “nerdcore hip-hop.”


That of this woman Wheel of Fortune the loss went national big title after saying “Seven Swans a-Swimmin'” instead of “Seven Swans a-Swimming”.


This 12 year old boy misspelled “the Emancipation Proclamation” – which was the correct answer – and lost Danger!leading to social media outrage.


This guy used a fake identify on great password because he was wanted for credit card fraud, forgery and insurance fraud. He was eventually caught when he went to collect his prize money.


That man guess the exact price of a product on The price is right and his wife guessed at less than $500 of his product, which raised suspicions about them.


This man on whammy memorized the computer model and was able to earn over $100,000. It technically wasn’t cheating, but it was outrageous in 1984.


The contestant was then involved in a Ponzi scheme, which caused him to flee.


And in another scandalous but non-cheating situation, this man won $100,000, not by knowing the information but by reading the host body language.


This guy fall the f-bomb on teen Danger! after giving the wrong answer.


This couple was asked to pick which of these items sold first in stores, and they answered the post-its correctly. However, they lost $800,000 because the show said it was fake. The show apologized and invited them return.


This woman was caught using Shazam, an app that identifies songs as they play, when speaking Spanish Name this melody– like a game show.


This woman admitted the The moment of truth what cheated on her husband.


Then in the end, when she reached the $200,000 question, she lied and lost all the money.


This guy was supposed to guess the price of an item, but right away press the reveal button, causing Bob Barker to leave on The price is right.


This family quarrel the competitor would not shake The hand of Steve Harvey.


And finally, this guy had a very NSFW answer during Family quarrel.