The creator of the “Yakuza” game series turns to… the radio?

Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the longtime Yakuza series and former creative figurehead for Sega, is aiming for the next challenge: hosting a weekly radio show in Japan, via Tokyo FM. Nagoshi, along with fellow Japanese radio personality Ami Kikuchi, will reunite every Thursday for a talk show that will focus on extensive talks between the hosts and weekly appearances.

As reported by Famitsu, the show’s name will be “Future Lounge”, and it’s the result of a partnership between Nagoshi’s new development studio, Nagoshi Studio, and the aforementioned Tokyo FM radio station. The two hosts will sit with guests as they attempt to “deepen their commitment to creativity, their influenced works and their outlook on life.”

The show will take place in a “fictional hidden bar lounge,” which immediately conjures up imagery of a smoky, booze-soaked conversation taking place in an empty corner of a seedy dive. Nagoshi will guide the conversation by asking questions of the guest from a creator’s perspective, while Kikuchi will act as a curious audience member, also bringing in questions that will perhaps ground the discussion. The premise doesn’t seem too far removed from a storyline that would take place in a Nagoshi entrance Yakuza series.

Go on the radio— Nagoshi cut his teeth at Sega at a time when the gaming industry was transitioning to 3D graphics and presentation. As the only one in the room who knew how to implement the right techniques when working in 3D space, Nagoshi was able to direct the direction of United Statesan arcade racing game from Sega, inspired by the popularity of NASCAR in the United States. Since then, multi-hyphenated creation has grown Super monkey ball, F-Zero GXthen finally, the Yakuza series.

I say all of this to underscore the fact that hearing someone like Nagoshi, who has been involved in all aspects of the game industry, from development, to design, to scriptwriting, and even management , would be enlightening. If anyone could facilitate a conversation that was both engaging and educational, it would be him.

Nagoshi expressed his enthusiasm for the program of Famitsuindicating the following:

“I have always loved radio, and when I tried it, I realized again that it was important to deepen the understanding of the guests. First of all, I want to give the best of myself. I plan to speak with various guests from now on, but I hope to make a void as the laid-back part of those who seem to be serious and the serious part of those who have a laid-back impression.