The Fame Game review: What works, what doesn’t in this Madhuri Dixit star

Madhuri Dixit is back as Anamika Anand in Netflix’s The Fair Game. Dixit stars as superstar Anamika Anand in this show about complex relationships, insecurities, truth and lies. And, as expected, the actress owns the screen and the show. Madhuri may have been away from the screen, but she hasn’t lost the magnetism with which she draws audiences into her world. Madhuri, who probably aspired to a powerful role like this, reigns supreme in this thriller drama.

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What works

So, let’s look at what works in The Fame Game.

The perfect cast: Madhuri Dixit – without flinching! From Sanjay Kapoor, Suhasini Mulay, Lakshvir Saran, Muskkaan Jafari and Gagan Arora – each artist did justice to what was on offer. And, Rajshri Deshpande – bow down! There’s no denying that the actress would be bombarded with calls and offers after her stint as ACP Shobha Trivedi. Manav Kaul as Manish Khanna is testament to the actor’s versatility.

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The pole: On the outside it looks like the perfect family, but on the inside it has secrets and lies that are hard to crack. The thriller ride keeps you seated until the very end and that’s how you know the show has you obsessed. Mystery, thrill and darkness won’t let you hit pause until you’ve watched to the end.

What’s wrong?

A few scenes felt a bit stretched and a few characters could have gone by. In some sequences, the show feels dated but the good points outweigh the negatives here. There were times when the show felt a little too unrealistic, but it was Madhuri’s phenomenal acting that more than made up for such shortcomings.