The greatest game series that must return

Every generation has its hard-hitting titles, classic hits that people cherish long after they’ve been released. But, unfortunately, sometimes these important franchises fall by the wayside. This can happen for a number of reasons, although sometimes it seems impossible to understand. There is, however, one thing we can be absolutely certain of: it stinks.

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Most of the games listed here are still considered all-time classic franchises. Yet they all spent at least ten years no new version. Be warned, this is the type of list that can make you feel old. And sad.

ten Lufia

Two main Lufia characters meet

If you weren’t around for the 16-bit gaming era, you’re probably scratching your head right now. However, Lufia was a beloved RPG franchise on the Super Nintendo. It might not have been Final Fantasy level, but it was certainly up there with other notable franchises like the Breath of Fire series.

Unfortunately, the last title we saw from this franchise was a pretty good action-RPG remake of the second DS game over a decade ago. Since then, the series has apparently fallen into oblivion. It’s a shame, because he had always produced quality entries.


9 Ogre Battle

Official Battle of the Ogres Art: March of the Black Queen

The Ogre Battle series has been surprisingly prolific, appearing on Super Nintendo, Neo Geo Pocket, Playstation, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Playstation Portable. Even better, these games were constantly very good. However, after the release of Ogre Battle 64, the last new game in the franchise, the only new thing was the (admittedly excellent) Tactics Ogre remaster.

Ownership of the series has long since been acquired by Square-Enix. It remains only to wait for the fans. Let’s hope Square hasn’t completely forgotten about this series. The classic Matsuno franchise still has so many great games. It would be such a shame if he couldn’t take at least one last walk in the sun.

8 wave race

Wave Race: Cross the waves on a jet ski.

It was a series that wowed people on the Nintendo 64. The water physics are still, to this day, truly impressive. The Wave Race Series has always provided a racing experience unlike any other.

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The Nintendo 64 title was followed by Blue Storm on Gamecube, and once again we got a taste of that unique Wave Race playstyle. Sadly, that was the last we saw of the franchise. That was well over two decades ago. It really does feel like Nintendo is sleeping on a fantasy racing game, here. Let’s hope Wave Race isn’t permanently dead in the water.

7 Punch Out

very small man fighting a very big man in the ring

It’s been a tough decade for boxing titles. Outside of some great VR games, there hasn’t been a top boxing title for quite some time. Unfortunately, this extends to the absolutely classic arcade version of the genre: Punch-Out.

Considering this is one of Nintendo’s oldest prestige series, it’s a real gut-punch that we haven’t seen a new release in the franchise since the last one was released. Punch-Out title on Wii. It was thirteen years ago. Well over a decade. Bring back Little Mac, Nintendo. He has another trick in him.

6 Jack and Daxter

A screenshot showing Jak and Daxter's gameplay

Amazingly, despite being the first platformer series on PS2 for most of that console’s lifecycle, Jak And Daxter has been dormant for 13 years now. The best we’ve gotten is a collection of remasters. Which isn’t nothing, but it’s definitely not a new game.

On one level, it’s almost reassuring that Jak And Daxter never suffered a dramatic decline. The series has never endured the difficulties that other major platforms have suffered. Still, it feels like the series has more gas in the tank. It’s time for this platformer to come back into our lives.

5 Earthbound

The final boss in Mother 3

Nintendo’s extraordinarily unique RPG series has absolutely left its mark on modern gaming culture. The biggest independent game of recent years, Undertale, has been heavily influenced by this mythical series. Yet gamers have spent the past decade begging Nintendo to simply translate Mother 3 (the third game in the Earthbound series). A game released on Gameboy Advance in 2006. Fans don’t even dare to dream of asking for a new title in the series.

While the Earthbound series isn’t moving the needle when it comes to outright sales, it’s still a high-profile series that’s incredibly influential. It is therefore extremely unfortunate that the series has been absent for so long now. With the inclusion of Earthbound characters in Smash Bros, there’s never been a better time for the series to try and make a big comeback.

4 Suikoden

Suikoden 5 min characters standing together

With the sharp decline in Konami’s drive to make games, there have been a number of tragic casualties. However, at least many of their notable franchises have received phone games, which is Something. The same can’t be said for Suikoden, Konami’s first RPG franchise. The Suikoden series hasn’t seen a release in over a decade. And even that title was a Japan-exclusive PSP game.

It hurts to know that we’ll probably never see the conclusion to the epic, interconnected story of the Suikoden series. Fortunately, all is not lost, at least the original creators are making a spiritual successor. Hopefully, Eiyuden Chronicles can fill the Suikoden-sized hole in our hearts.

3 A night of fighting

EA Fight Night

The last time we saw a Fight Night game was with the release of the beloved Fight Night Champion in 2011. Since then, there have been rumors of a new title. But so far, it’s all been just talk. And as we all know, talking is cheap.

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It’s time for this competitor to step into the ring again. Hopefully Champion’s excellent career mode will return with it. Hopefully we’ll hit him in the squared circle in the near future. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another decade…

2 F-zero

Screenshot of the Blue Falcon in Port Town in F-Zero GX

It’s maddening, but despite the desperate cries of fans, F-Zero hasn’t had a new release in 18 years. It is too long. This is way too long! Few series have the frantic, chaotic, adrenaline-pumping speed of an F-Zero game. F-Zero GX on GameCube may still be the best arcade racing title ever made.

Nintendo is not unheard of for sitting on killer franchises, but it hurts a lot with F-Zero, which has been attached to several new game rumors over the years. It’s time, Nintendo. The younger generation will start to think of Captain Falcon as a fighting game character.


SSX 3's Allegra goes on a high-altitude ride

It’s hard to believe, but one of the most beloved franchises of the Playstation 2 era hasn’t seen action for a decade now. The last time we saw an SSX game, the series was being rebooted. While SSX for the 360 ​​and PS3 did relatively well, it was seen as a less dynamic version of the franchise that everyone loves.

However, it’s still fair to say that there has never been a bad SSX game. Surely that must be worth something, right? Looks like SSX is ripe for a comeback tour. Extreme sports games are in serious decline. It’s time for this classic franchise to show the world how it’s done.

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