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It’s been months now wordle made its debut and took over the internet. And from there dozens of clones and creative alternatives have spawned, the last of which is Keywords. It mixes wordlewith those of crosswords and word searches and is a fun successor to the original game.

wordlethe creator of Josh Wardle, even endorsed the game on Twittersaying “If you like wordle you should check Keywords. It’s an incredibly stylish everyday pun. What impresses me the most is that, despite its deceptively simple appearance, it was clearly built with a lot of thought and care.

In Keywordsyou are tasked with solving a small riddle that looks like a crossword, but you won’t solve clues. The crossword puzzle frame is divided into several sections (beyond the standard Up and Down words) of two to four letters. Each of these sections has letter indices assigned to it, but you’ll need to figure out which letters go where.

But make no mistake: the puzzle is not as simple as it seems. On the one hand, there is no clear starting point. Yes, each section has its assigned letters, but, initially, you won’t know where to go and if you make a mistake, everything will disappear! It will take time to understand everything, so it lasts longer than a daily wordle puzzle done. It can even take you as long as solving a traditional crossword or Sudoku puzzle, which is awesome.

Keywords gives you a new puzzle to solve every day, like most others wordle alternatives, but there are no time constraints beyond that, so take your time and have fun playing it. You can even put it down and pick it up throughout the day.

This fun new word game is available as a mobile app for your compatible smartphone or tablet, and also on Steam for PC gamers for $12. In the mobile version, you’ll get 10 starter puzzles and each day’s new puzzle for free, although you can choose to subscribe to Pro ($4.99 per month) or pay the $12 directly to keep Pro forever. . Paid versions get more puzzles, more hints, player stats, game customization features (like colorful themes), and a daily Twist puzzle. And trust us, the game is great fun and worth the upgrade if you like it.

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