The Sherwood Ford Giant Pre Game Show – Game 52 – Edmonton Oilers vs. Florida Panthers

The Oilers’ monstrous road trip continues this morning with a stop in Florida to face the Panthers. Edmonton played very well on Wednesday in a losing effort to the Lightning and that’s where we started today at the Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre Game Show. Caroline and I explained what was wrong with that game and what was preventing the Oilers from getting at least one point. I’m sure you can imagine where this conversation went. The team played well in front of their goalkeeper and that’s a big positive. If they play that well in front of Mikko Koskinen today against the Panthers, then they have a chance to win the game.

We knew this road trip would be difficult, but it was still hard to see the team not scoring a point in this first game. They really can’t afford to get carried away by this three-game streak, so getting a win, or at least getting this afternoon’s game into overtime, is very important.

What are the keys to victory? Where do I put my money for this game? How will Woodcroft handle his lines? All these questions will be answered in the Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre Game Show! You can watch it right here in the article, but don’t forget to head over and subscribe on our Youtube channel!