The Sherwood Ford Giant Pre Game Show – Game 53 – Edmonton Oilers vs. Carolina Hurricanes

The Oilers picked up a big win in Sunrise, Fla., on Saturday. The way they got the win was surprising as they didn’t look as good as they did against the Lightning earlier in the week and were just buoyed up by an incredible performance from Mikko Koskinen, who stopped 44 of the 47 shots he faced. They really couldn’t have afforded to drop all three games this week, so getting two points against the Panthers was huge. Now there’s a little less pressure on them heading into this morning’s game against the Hurricanes. Today at the Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre Game Show, Caroline and I reflected on the win over the Panthers and considered whether or not it was realistic to expect the Oilers to win today.

Of course, we went through the lines and I gave my bet slip for the match. The Oilers are underdogs again heading into this afternoon’s game and while I certainly don’t expect them to win today in Raleigh, if they could they would prepare really well ahead of the game. next week, where their schedule becomes a little easier. .

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