The Top 10 Songs From The WWE SmackDown! against the Raw game series – MP3 and NPC

With the upcoming release of WWE 2K22, many people remember old WWE titles. With the actual brand split, WWE decided to present it with the Smack down! against gross series. For seven games, players were treated to a variety of modes, including GM Mode and Universe Mode. One thing that stands out from the series, however, is the music. Each track delivered incredible tunes ranging from hip-hop to hard rock.

We look at 10 great songs featured in the popular WWE SmackDown! vs raw series. Pre-orders for WWE 2K22which arrives on March 11 via PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam, can be achieved here.

10) Black Stone Cherry – “Lonely Train”

Kentucky hard rock band Black Stone Cherry exploded onto the scene with their debut single “Lonely Train” in 2006, from their self-titled debut album. WWE loved it so much that the song was used as the theme song for the 2006 Great American Bash PPV before landing on WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007. In one 2017 interview with Songfactsvocalist Chris Robertson had this to say about the melody:

“That song was the first single we ever released, so it was kind of like our introduction to the world. We wrote that song after talking to a group of our buddies, older and our age, who had serving in the United States Armed Forces The things they went through and their coming home was the inspiration behind the song.