The Truth About RuPaul Charles’ New Game Show

Wordle may be all the rage online, but pretty soon the new buzz term could be “Lingo” if CBS has anything to do with it. According to Variety, “Lingo” will be a one-hour prime-time show, a perfect place for Charles. Likewise, CBS landed a great deal by securing the host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” a show that received 48 Emmy nominations and 24 Emmy wins (via the television academy). “RuPaul’s Drag Race” isn’t just popular; it’s a record, to land in the Guinness World Records for the most awards won by a reality show. Charles himself has won 11 Emmys, according to the television academy.

Between the recent popularity of puns combined with Charles’ experience and talent as a host and television personality, the “Lingo” cover comes at a good time – and is undoubtedly a contender for high level.

The show’s setup allows for family fun, and given the right timeslot, “Lingo” and Charles could give “Jeopardy” and its series of spinning hosts a run for their money. In the end, it seems like there’s nothing RuPaul can’t do. The host even has a surprising connection to Senator Cory Booker, proving he’ll always leave us on our toes.