The Witcher game series is getting an official cookbook

Everyone knows that the most important part of any game isn’t the graphics or the music. It’s not even the gameplay. No, the most important part of game development is, of course, food. This might explain why we’re getting a cookbook based on the world of The Witcher. The gaming world is certainly vibrant enough to make us want to try living in it. At least until the first monster appears.

It seems the announcement that the new game is officially in development isn’t the only Witcher-related news to hit fans recently. Drawing inspiration from CD Projekt Red’s video game series, authors Anita Sarna, who runs food blogs nerd’s kitchen and witcher kitchen, and Karolina Krupecka pull together recipes based on places like White Orchard, Velen, and Toussaint to create a set of meals and dishes to get you through a tough monster-slaying session. The pair of them have good track records as food writers, so expect this book to be well-researched and presented with an official license from CD Projekt Red. The full title of the book is The Witcher Cookbook: An Official Guide to the Food of the Continent.

The description promises a wide variety of dishes, from the rich banquet dishes of the nobility to the rustic and hearty dishes of a medieval tavern. Although it seems unlikely that the book will contain Witcher’s secret potion recipes, there will be over 80 recipes in the final cookbook, which is due out in October 2022. Pre-orders are available at Amazon.