Tokyo Game Show 2022 Official Site and Main Visual Released

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) today (July 6) released the official site for visitors to Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS 2022), which is scheduled to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from September 15 to 18, 2022. Additionally, the main visual of TGS 2022, created by illustrator Kukka, was also revealed.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be held under the theme “Games Never Stop”. It’s a magnificent show where Japanese and overseas gaming-related companies will meet again for the first time in three years. The main focus of the show is Japanese games, but some international developers also take the opportunity to showcase their upcoming releases and related hardware. The number of booths and businesses this year exceeded all past expectations.


More than 460 companies will be present, including 299 national and 166 foreign exhibitors, with more than 1,900 exhibition stands, exceeding the initial expectations of 1,500 stands. Additionally, a record 583 titles were submitted for the “Indie Game Selection Exhibit”, which allows developers to show their games for free, and 81 titles were selected from this selection process.

A showcase event called “Sense of WonderNight” will be held online on September 16 to showcase the selected titles, creating a new opportunity to bring more indie games and original ideas to the limelight.

Mr. Kukka, the lead visual artist provided his own commentary on the theme and visual direction, saying he intended to create an energetic and lively impression using pop colors and shades. The goal was to reflect how he felt about games these days, and that they have become an integral part of our social relationships and interactions. This is in contrast to last year’s visual arts theme and “We’ll Always Have Games” theme, which used more upbeat and cheerful colors like yellow to reassure fans in times of isolation and social distancing.

This year has also shown Xbox’s continued presence and growth in the Japanese market, as reported by Famitsu and reflected in the number of total sales compared to Playstation 5. So it’s safe to consider that the Tokyo Game Show 2022 could include many surprises by Microsoft and more expansion into the Japanese market. The recent port of Persona 5 has given more proof and weight to our expectations, and we believe that this year’s exhibition will be radically different for both Japanese fans and overseas players.