Trivia Game Review: MasterPieces ‘MLB Baseball Trivia Challenge’

MLB Baseball Challenge from MasterPieces offers baseball fans the one thing they might love more than baseball itself: baseball trivia. As the NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge, MLB Baseball Challenge puts players to the test to prove who knows best the lore, stats, and novelties of the American pastime.

MLB Baseball Challenge organizes its questions on a board with five categories: Batter Up, Chatter, Honors, Nicknames and Numbers, and On the Mound. Each category covers a different aspect of baseball. Batter Up focuses on batting stats, like asking who was the first Phillies player to hit three home runs in a game since Deron Johnson in 1971. Chatter is almost a potpourri, asking about younger team players or the manager of the year. Honors are of course about records and Hall of Famers.

Nicknames & Numbers is the perfect category for numbers enthusiasts, with questions about the year of Lou Gehrig’s famous “Luckiest Man” speech or who was nicknamed The Big Cat. Finally, On the Mound asks about pitchers, with stats and questions about who pitched for whom.

Two players or two teams take turns asking each other questions. Frame-shaped blue cover cards cover the board. Each player or team takes a set of framing cards, either red or white (the two correct colors for the socks). A player who answers a question correctly trades the blue card for themselves and continues with another question, potentially creating a streak that could dominate the board. The game changes whenever a player answers incorrectly or when a special “Tag Out” cover card appears, which immediately ends the turn of the player who chose.

Other special cover cards can introduce unexpected twists, like “Strike”, which gives players a second chance to answer the question or save the card for another more difficult question, or “Home Run” granting four times the point value.

Like in baseball, high scores win the game MLB Baseball Challenge. Players get points for each question, with higher values ​​for more difficult questions. Additionally, players can rack up some serious points by getting a “line score” – having a sequence of five squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the board. This adds another level of strategy in choosing questions: trying to maximize points? Or seek to block an opponent’s chances, such as picking up Nicknames and Numbers cards if that’s the opponent’s best category.

Play continues until all squares are covered or an agreed time limit or score is reached. With three different ways to end the game, the strategies will change. Players may want to rack up difficult questions early on, or try for the long game to build up line scores.

MLB Baseball Challenge is a quiz game for two to six players ages 12 and up. His edition contains over 1,000 questions in such a variety that it will be a long time before players end up with a repeat. Instead, players will need to know everything there is to know about the baseball players, records, and organization that have entertained the country for over a century.

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