Unhelpful fans all have the same complaint about the BBC game show

POINTLESS fans have all had the same complaint about the BBC game show – and are demanding big change.

The show – hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman – has been on our screens since August 2009.


Unhelpful fans all had the same complaint about the showCredit: BBC
They want the jackpot to be over £1,000 for finding an unnecessary answer in the final round


They want the jackpot to be over £1,000 for finding an unnecessary answer in the final roundCredit: BBC

The show sees four pairs answer questions on various topics, with the team with the highest score leaving at the end of each round until one remains.

Then, in the final round, the last pair standing gets a choice of topics to try and come up with a Useless answer, with the chance of winning the jackpot if they succeed.

If they fail to get an unnecessary answer, the jackpot rolls over to the next show, where an additional £1,000 will be added.

While some contestants have been lucky enough to win a hefty sum of money after a series of rollovers, most are faced with the prospect of winning the base £1,000.

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This has annoyed some viewers at home, especially considering how much money can be made on other game and quiz shows.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “I like #useless but isn’t the prize money considerably bad compared to other shows considering how difficult it can be too be?”

Another added: “I realize this is not high on the general list of what needs fixing in the world, but the jackpot on #Pointless please be doubled, at least! Sharing a grand between two people wouldn’t even cover their fuel bill.”

A third tweeted: “Useless has to be the toughest game show ever. Even if you win you get a £1000 jackpot.”

Meanwhile, a fourth shared: “#useless just caught the end of this scheme. Is it really the £1000 jackpot? Jim Bowen gave away more money than that!”

It was revealed last month that Richard, 51, was leaving Pointless after 13 years.

He does this to focus on his hugely successful writing career –
which saw him become a successful author.

Useless airs weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One.

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