Video game review: Insomniac’s Spider-Man Remastered translates well to PC

Photo courtesy of Insomniac Games.

By Clay Thompson | Arts and Life Intern

Every student needs a good escape from the monotony of school, homework and projects. What escape could be better than swimming through the ray-traced skylines of New York City as everyone’s favorite superhero?

Spider-Man Remastered, an original game exclusive to Play Station 2018 and widely acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, has finally made its way to PC. However, does this ported project hold up on computers as it did on consoles?

In terms of PC controls, it took me a while to figure out all the moves and combos Spider-Man could throw at enemies, as well as learning how to swing effectively in the absolutely gorgeous and expansive open world of The City. from New York. However, after a while, and with the help of vital key mapping changes via the very helpful settings page, I was busy swinging and slinging webs in no time.

The story of this particular Spider-Man game revolves around a now adult Peter Parker fully integrated into his two personas Spider-Man and Parker, becoming involved in a notorious terrorist plot, and with the help of a few new faces. and familiars, taking to end the threat to save the city. The story isn’t a masterpiece of storytelling, like The Last of Us or some other previous PlayStation exclusives, but it gets the job done. The voice acting is on point and the story is action packed, with enough moments of stealth, puzzle solving and tension to balance the action with solid detective work and gameplay.

Gameplay and combat are frenetic and satisfying. Whether I’m swinging on rafters and punching bad guys, or silently taking out henchmen with my various web gadgets, combat in Spider-Man Remastered on PC is undoubtedly fun. The only downside I would say about the combat system is that it was a bit finicky at times. For example, sometimes I would try to dodge an enemy attack and for no apparent reason would stand still or shoot at a web, rather than my intended move. Whether it was me just pressing the wrong button or a problem with button inputs in keyboard commands, it’s something I’ve encountered more than once and cost me several fights. The good thing about this is that it is a fixable issue, if it is a technical problem.

Spider-Man Remastered game graphics is the last thing I wanted to cover. They are really good. Playing on an Alienware M15 r4, with NVIDIA RTX 3060 ti, I could play at maximum graphics settings and ray tracing, with fans making quite a racket, but the image more than made up for the noise. I wouldn’t recommend playing this game on a regular laptop as you are likely to need to play on low settings to have a smooth gaming experience. But for those who invest in gaming PCs and laptops, you will be very happy with the game graphics.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man Remastered is a decidedly decent PC port. Controls, gameplay, and graphics work as well as it can on PC, with immense customization for any gamer. Sometimes the combat controls can get dicey, but that’s nothing an overdue game update can’t fix. The story isn’t revolutionary, but does its job to be a great action-packed adventure, with plenty of main and side missions to complete around the city to supplement players’ time and money.