Video game review: Lost In Play

Developer: HappyJuice Games

Genre: Adventure

Revised for: Nintendo Switch

Also available on: PC

In one look, lost in game seems like a fairly traditional point-and-click game. Got an experience that clearly emphasizes storytelling, a sense of wonder, and cartoonish visuals. The characters seem to go on great adventures and explore their environments. It doesn’t take long for it to become clear that lost in game does not rely on genre conventions at all.

In lost in game, players take on the role of a bored brother and sister. With a little imagination, the two go on an adventure. The player and siblings will encounter many colorful settings and personalities as they solve puzzles and marvel at everything around them.

lost in game works well as a game for all ages. The lively art style is sure to appeal to kids. Adults are sure to smile and enjoy all the charm of the game. The story remains wholesome throughout, making for a relaxing yet engaging experience.

One of the drawbacks of the point-and-click genre is how vague the direction is at times. Even the grown-ups love monkey island and sinister fandango sometimes suffer from vague puzzles that expect a little too much from the player. In lost in game, everything seems intuitive. It’s not a traditional point-and-click, as players aren’t really able to click anywhere in the environment. The puzzles use these mechanisms, but that’s it. The end result is a game that’s clear about what players can and can’t do. It’s more accessible and makes the experience less frustrating.

The puzzles themselves aren’t too difficult and are generally fair. They’re full of variety, ensuring the experience doesn’t become stale. If a certain puzzle is too difficult, a hint system is present. lost in game can be as easy as players need it to be, which is a good idea. No one, including hardcore fans, is likely to feel left out of this lost in game has to offer.

lost in game


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Lost in Play is a delightful game for all ages that takes the best of the genre and streamlines the experience.

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