Virginia Football Blue-White Live Game Updates

Virginia football’s first spring game in the Tony Elliott era is underway. Follow live updates and analysis for the UVA football blue-white game on Saturday afternoon

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White Team Practice – 15:00 1Q

The first play of the blue-white scrimmage is a five-yard run to center for Mike Hollins. Brennan Armstrong then throws back-to-back incomplete passes to Lavel Davis Jr. on the left sideline and Dillon Tennyson on the right sideline and the White team make a triple.

Blue Team Drive – 14:11 1Q

Brennan Armstrong throws full to Grant Misch for a first down. Armstrong comes straight back to Misch on the next play for a 27-yard pickup in the right seam. UVA goes to the field at Amaad Foston for a short pick up. Armstrong continues to drive the blue team forward down the field as he finds Dontayvion Wicks for a sliding catch inside the ten yard line. A short win at Foston again and an incompleteness from Armstrong sets up a third down. The white team defense takes position as Coen King deflects Armstrong’s third pass and the blue team settles for a 26-yard field goal from Brendan Farrell to take a 3-0 lead.

Blue 3, White 0

White Team Practice – 11:33 1Q

Mike Hollins catches a pass seven yards from Armstrong. Armstrong gives Hollins the ground and he is stopped with no gain by D’Sean Perry. Armstrong’s third pass to Tennyson is incomplete as Tennyson can’t quite make the catch over the shoulder. The white team starts at three.

Blue Team Drive – 10:10 1Q

Amaad Foston carries on two meters before being tackled by Chayce Chalmers. Armstrong throws the dish to Keytaon Thompson who is stopped by Anthony Johnson after a short win. The white team brings a blitz on third down and the whistles blow the play up before three defenders reach Armstrong for a sack. The Blues team punts for the first time.

White Team Practice – 8:05 1Q

The running game didn’t work for both teams early on – Mike Hollins stopped by Aaron Faumui for a one down loss on first down. Armstrong finds tight end Sackett Wood Jr. in midfield for a 10-yard rebound. Mike Hollins runs down the middle on third-and-one and comes just short. At fourth-and-inches, Hollins recovers the ball again from Armstrong and is tackled in the backfield by Ben Smiley for a turnover on the downs.

Blue Team Drive – 6:20 1Q

Amaad Foston runs for a short gain, then Armstrong finds Grant Misch for another first to the tight end. Armstrong’s pass is deflected by Antonio Clary and hugged by Jaylon Baker for an interception.

White Team Practice – 4:55 1Q

Armstrong throws the dish to Lavel Davis Jr. but he slips as soon as he catches it. Armstrong rolls a left and passes to tight end Sackett Wood Jr. for a first down. Armstrong goes straight back to Wood in the seam for another first down. The blue team puts the pressure on and gets to Armstrong, who is knocked out before they can dump him. Armstrong throws two incompletes, the second of which is a nice ball to Sackett Wood, but he drops it after taking a hit from Aidan Ryan. Brendan Farrell comes in and attempts a 50-yard field goal that had the distance but hit the right post.

Blue Team Drive – 2:33 1Q

Armstrong finds Wicks for a seven-yard completion. Armstrong then hits Malachi Fields on the sidelines for a first down. Amaad Foston nearly breaks free but gets tripped over by Josh Ahern. Armstrong steps into the pocket and finds Wicks for another first down. Armstrong is sidelined and Andrew Williams is credited with a sack.

End of the first trimester. Blue 3, White 0

Armstrong throws to Keytaon Thompson but Anthony Johnson hits to break up the pass. Armstrong screens Thompson but the white defense is all over the place and Jaylon Baker makes the tackle to force the punt.

White Team Practice – 13:56 2Q

The Whites go for a through ball but Demick Starling, who had a step on his defender, didn’t quite locate Armstrong’s pass and it fell incomplete. Hollins goes up the middle but is stopped after a short gain by Aaron Faumui. Armstrong’s third pass to Dillon Tennyson is weak and Tennyson can’t make the dive. The white team kicks again.

Blue Team Drive – 13:00 2Q

The blue team runs an option play and Armstrong keeps it, so the play is declared dead almost immediately. Armstrong keeps again on the next play and gains six yards before being whistled – probably would have picked up at least a first down in normal play there. Armstrong finds Keytaon Thompson on the left sideline and Thompson makes a difficult and contested hold for a first down. Armstrong passes to Malachi Fields for an eight-yard pickup. Amaad Foston gets the carry and takes the first down. Foston carries again and is taken down after a short win. Foston gets his third straight carry and the result is another short win, setting up a third and five. Foston gets the call again and is hit in the backfield by Nick Jackson and wrapped up by the rest of the white defense well short of the line to win. On fourth and four, Armstrong finds Keytaon Thompson in midfield for a first down to the seven-yard line. Foston runs down the left and breaks a few tackles to make his way to the three-yard line. Foston gets the call again and hits for the game’s first touchdown.

Blue 10, White 0

White Drive – 7:06 2Q

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Armstrong throws to Demick Starling, who is knocked down by Micah Gaffney after a five-yard pickup. Armstrong comes back to Starling on the next play for another five-yard completion. After a few short plays, Armstrong throws to Sackett Wood who is down before the first scorer and white team punts.

Blue Drive – 4:00 2Q

A big punt return for Ethan Davies, who sends it back 47 yards to the 35-yard line. Armstrong throws to Lavel Davis Jr. on the right sideline. The white team kicks again.

White Training – 1:54 2Q

The blue team holds the white team at three and out.

Half time. Blue 10, White 0

Blue Drive – 15:00 3Q

On the first scrimmage play in the second half, Perris Jones takes over and finds a hole, breaking free for a 75-yard touchdown. First big game of the day for either team.

Blue 17, White 0

White Drive – 13:57 3Q

Davis Lane, now a quarterback for the white team, finds Lavel Davis, then Wisconsin trades Devin Chandler for a first down. Mike Hollins carries for eight tough yards. On the third down, the lane throw is incomplete and the white team punts.

Blue Drive – 10:15 3Q

Perris Jones crosses a wide gap down the right side for another solid carry and collects the first down. Perris Jones runs twice more and lands another first down. Blue team quarterback Jared Rayman rolls offside and finds tight end Jack Witmer for a big win. Rayman throws a deep ball to Malachi Fields, who catches for a 31-yard touchdown.

Blue 23, White 0

White Training – 1:00 3Q

Mike Hollins lands a first down.

End of the 3rd quarter. Blue 23, White 0

Davis Lane connects with Demick Starling on a deep ball for a 45-yard gain. Impressive throw from the first year and a nice catch from Starling. The blue defense takes position and the white team is satisfied with a 37-yard field goal attempt by Brendan Farrell which misses widely on the right.

Blue Drive – 10:30 4Q

Perris Jones runs a few yards to convert to third-and-one. Jones is tackled at third and runs by Antonio Clary to force a punt.

White Drive – 5:30 4Q

Davis Lane brings the white team up to midfield but the clock strikes zero to end the game.

Final. Blue 23, White 0

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