Why was the game show host arrested? Fees Explained

Game show host Andrew Okeefe arrested: Why was the game show host arrested? Fees explained: Former TV host Andrew O’Keef is making headlines today after being arrested for assault. Yes, you read correctly that the popular TV host is attracting a lot of attention from netizens. News of his arrest goes viral on the internet and creates a buzz there. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in Sydney. Andrew O’Keefe is one of the most famous and well-known personalities on American television. Many people want to know exactly what he did. People search online to get more details about it. In this article, we will explain to our readers the whole matter. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Game show host Andrew Okeefe arrested

Former Seven Network TV host Andrew O’Keefe has been arrested and charged with assault in Sydney. According to reports, he grabbed a woman by the throat and began punching and kicking her, pushing her to the ground. He was arrested in the early hours of Thursday when he argued with a 38-year-old woman at a Sydney CBD unit on Tuesday, which led to Andrew assaulting the woman. The 50-year-old former Deal or No Deal host was accused of grabbing the woman by the throat, pushing her and kicking her to the ground.

In a statement, NSW Police said he also “assaulted the woman a second time – punching and kicking her – before she left the unit”. He was charged with six crimes, including willful strangulation, general assault and actual bodily harm to a person without their consent. His bail request has been canceled and is due to appear in Central Local Court on Friday January 28.

Why was Andrew Okeefe arrested?

Andrew O’Keefe is an Australian television presenter and former lawyer born October 1, 1971 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He is well known as the host of several game shows like The Chase Australia and Deal or No Deal. From 2005 to 2017, he was the co-host of Weekend Sunrise. He was also an intellectual property lawyer with the law firm of Allens Arthur Robinson.


In 2003, he began his television career on the show Big Bite on Channel Seven. The same year, he started hosting Deal or No Deal. He also hosted The Rich List, the quiz show from 2007 to 2009. In December 2017, he stepped down as host of Weekend Sunrise after 12 years. At the end of 2020, his contract with Channel Seven expired and he was replaced by Larry Emdur. He was married and has three children with his partner. In 2017, the couple announced their separation and they divorced in 2019. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

These days, popular personalities like to stay in the talk of the town not because of their good deeds but because of bad deeds. One such former TV presenter’s name appears on the alleged assault case. According to reports, TV presenter and White Ribbon Ambassador Andrew O’Keefe has been charged with 6 offenses for the plausible assault of a lady in Sydney. O’Keefe was refused bail and is due in court on Friday January 28, 2022. Investigators will allege the violent incident happened at a Kent Street flat in Sydney on Tuesday after- midday.

According to the report, O’Keefe grabbed a 38-year-old woman by the throat, pushed her to the ground and punched her. A police spokesman said: ‘A verbal altercation ensued between the pair, before the man assaulted the woman. The man allegedly assaulted the lady a second time, kicking and punching her, before she left the unit. A police complaint was made on Wednesday January 26, 2022 and officers from Sydney City Police Area Command have opened an investigation. O’Keefe was jailed early Thursday morning and charged at 4:00 p.m. The former TV presenter (50) was questioned at Day Street Police Station in Sydney’s CBD.

The suspect was charged with 2 counts of willfully strangulation of a person without their consent, 3 counts of common assault and assault causing actual bodily harm. He is due to appear at the Central Local Court on Friday. The former Weekend Sunrise presenter left Channel 7 in February last year. His contract with the channel had expired last year and there were no plans to continue it.

The former TV presenter was a known face on Channel 7 for around 17 years and comes across a number of different programs on the network. He was honored with an Order of Australia medal in 2017 for “significant service to the television media as a television presenter and to charities and social welfare”.

The 50-year-old was an ambassador for an anti-domestic violence organization and the White Ribbon. Last winter, O’Keefe sold a 4-bedroom house in North Bondi that he previously shared with ex-wife Eleanor Campbell for over $6million. It was at least $1.5 million more than they asked for when they put the Murriverie Road property on the market a week before the sale.

News of the former game show host’s arrest is currently airing on news channels. As we reported earlier, former TV presenter Andrew O’Keefe has been arrested for grabbing the woman’s throat before kicking and punching her in Sydney’s CBD. He was apprehended around 4.30am on Thursday January 27, 2022 after police became aware of the incident which happened on Tuesday afternoon. The ex Deal or No Deal Star and the White Ribbon ambassador apparently met a 38-year-old woman in her flat when a fight broke out, NSW Police say.

According to the statement released by police in which they said: “A verbal altercation ensued between the duo, before the man assaulted the woman by grabbing her by the throat, pushing her to the ground and punching her. The man allegedly kicked and punched the woman a second time before she left the unit. When the cops took O’Keefe to apprehend her, he was heard screaming and hitting the side of the van.In the video, it is clear that the former TV presenter was heard shouting “Fuck you, I’m a victim of a crime”.

He kept yelling “I’m a victim of a crime, you f*** wits.” The former Channel Seven’s Weekend Sunrise presenter has been charged with 2 counts of willfully strangling a person without their consent, 3 sets of common assault and 1 count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The cops will claim that the 50-year-old assaulted his partner during the verbal argument at his home. Ahead of O’Keefe’s upcoming schedule at Sydney Central Local Court, Magistrate Robert Williams advised the court that O’Keefe had been referred to a court clinician. Magistrate Williams said the clinician was preparing a report for the hearing and the hearsay is moving that O’Keefe will refer to struggles with mental illness issues as a defence.

At this point, the Grade D celebrity has been denied bail and he will face charges later on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Mr O’Keefe received an Order of Australia Medal in 2017 for his services to television and charity. The former TV presenter was arrested at his home on Thursday morning after the lady reported the charges to police on Wednesday. He has already had 2 domestic violence charges dismissed and 3rd withdrawn by police in June last year, after a magistrate found he was in a hypomanic bipolar state when he spat on his partner , kicked and slapped her east of Sydney. .