Zuich Pop & Game Show: A cosplay star has announced that Hakken from Malaysia will come to Zurich

Hakken is a model, and in the cosplay scene, the star is best known for her detailed cosplays from popular manga, games, and anime.

Zurich Popcon & game show, zoo.

The character of Hakkens embodies Thesi from Naruto, Nanami Kento and Suguru Geto from the Japanese manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, Jumin Han from the South Korean video game Mystic Messenger, Mafuyu Sato from the anime Given or even SilverAsh from the mobile game Arknights.

Hakken will be present in the jury on Cosplay Day at the ZURICH POP Con & Game Show in the Cosplay Village and on the Main Stage. Other selected players in the cosplay lineup include Maul Cosplay, EzySummers, Bulgaria, Folkenstal, Stylouz, and Minus10DegreesCelsius respectively.

The festival has a lot of European, American and Asian culture. Outside of the cosplay scene, the focus is on comics, street and tattoos, board games, movies, and now TV shows such as Stranger Things or Vikings. People who don’t like anime, manga, or K-pop can explore and play Asian art, music, street food, sports, and merchandise at various workshops. First, the hottest gaming, VR and eSports teams will be showcased with the latest technology and software across all three floors of the seven exhibition halls.

Your ability can be measured at a number of tournaments. Swiss game developers are also present and a nominee from the Swiss Game Awards 2022 will be presented.

Two days full of fun, excitement, action and surprises await you on Saturday October 1st – the exhibition halls are open from 10am to 9am and on Saturday October 2nd – from 10am to 7pm.

An additional element for the program and the show, the highlights and the guest will be announced regularly on Zurichpopcon.ch. Tickets are now available in advance via See Tickets / Starticket.